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Advanced Dentistry 2023
Advanced Dentistry 2023
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At Advanced Dentistry, our experienced and dedicated staff remain committed to providing every patient with the highest quality oral health care.

Unlike other dental practices that take a universal approach to patient care, Drs. Halmos and Manning believe in creating individualized treatment plans that address each patients' unique dental needs and have had advanced training at the highest level to provide the care that satisfies those needs.

As prosthodontists, Drs. Halmos and Manning specialize in the restoration and replacement of teeth and serve as the "architects" of the dental treatment plan developed specifically for each patient. We love getting to know each and every patient, and you can always feel confident that when you visit our Portland prosthodontics office you'll always be greeted with a warm welcome and a smile.

In addition to patient care, Drs. Halmos and Manning believe in staying up-to-date on the leading advancements in the dental field, which allows them to provide the highest quality care to their patients. They also are strong advocates for continuing education for themselves and their colleagues. As such, they are members of multiple study clubs in the Portland area and lead two separate Spear Study Clubs.

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We prioritize building strong patient-doctor relationships and fostering an atmosphere of trust.

Clinical Excellence

We stay at the forefront of the latest advancements to provide you with the best possible care.


We've designed our practice to provide a comfortable environment where you can feel at ease.


You can have full confidence in our commitment to your oral health and overall well-being.

Advanced Dentistry 2023