Dentures in Portland, OR

Carefully designed to look just like natural teeth.

Missing teeth affect your health:

  • Bone loss
  • Decay in neighboring teeth
  • Gum disease
  • Difficulty speaking and chewing
  • TMJ issues

It doesn’t have to be this way. Take back your smile and health with full or partial dentures from Advanced Dentistry. 

As Portland’s trusted source for replacing missing teeth, we’ll help you understand if dentures are right for you.

Schedule time with us and we’ll look at all of your options together. We’ll develop a customized treatment plan to remodel your smile into one you will be proud to show off. 

"Calm and relaxed atmosphere, personable staff, this office has everything dialed in to provide a comfortable and professional experience. Dr. Manning’s ability to put you completely at ease is coupled with an expert skill set. The procedure was painless and much shorter than I expected. I will definitely refer my friends to this office."

-Lance T.

What are dentures?

Dentures act as a replacement for missing teeth and restore the appearance of your smile.

Unlike other types of restorative dental treatments (like implants and veneers), dentures are removable. They can be taken out and placed back into your mouth, as needed. Dentures also provide support to the lips and face so you can eat and drink with confidence.

When you work with our expert prosthodontists and lab technicians, your dentures will look just like natural teeth.

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Types of dentures

At Advanced Dentistry, we offer three types of dentures in Portland — full dentures, partial dentures, and implant overdentures.

What are the best dentures to get? Find out during your consultation with one of our experienced prosthodontists.

Full dentures

A full set of dentures, commonly referred to as a full plate, replaces all of your natural teeth. Prior to the placement of a full set of dentures, any remaining teeth must be removed. 

During the healing process, , we place temporary dentures to ensure you maintain a natural smile and never go without teeth. 

If you have existing dentures that you’re unhappy with, we can fabricate a new denture that will fit well, look natural, and improve your ability to eat the foods you enjoy.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures sit on a metal framework that attaches to several of your remaining teeth. 

Occasionally, dental crowns will be placed on your teeth to provide improved support and stability for your dentures. 

Partial dentures offer a removable alternative to a dental bridge and can add back support to the face and lips when missing front teeth.

Implant overdentures

Overdentures are a modern method for securing full or partial dentures in your mouth to dental implants. 

Overdentures use at least 2 dental implants as attachment points to provide support for your denture. This method ensures the denture doesn’t fall out or come off unexpectedly. It also keeps the denture from sitting on your gums and improves chewing effectiveness. These dentures are far more comfortable and secure when compared to traditional full dentures. 

Overdentures can replace any number of missing teeth, including all the teeth in your upper/lower jaw.

The Advanced Dentistry advantage

As highly-experienced prosthodontists, we’re known for our personalized and long-lasting results. 

As part of your treatment process, we’ll work with you to understand your health and lifestyle and design a set of custom dentures to fit your needs.

Our dentures are made with a variety of high-quality, biocompatible, and durable materials. Taking a personalized approach, we’ll ensure your dentures compliment your facial structure and give your smile a natural, effortless appearance.

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"I can't praise this office enough. The space is beautiful and welcoming and the front desk staff were warm and friendly. I came in for a chip on my front tooth and Dr. Manning was able to squeeze me in last minute to assure I was wedding ready. Her fine attention to detail left me feeling comfortable and at ease, knowing I was in great hands. The fix was perfection - it even fooled my dentist - and I would definitely recommend Dr. Manning to anyone in search of a wonderful, skilled and friendly Prosth. Thank you for making sure my smile looked perfect!"

-Cynthia H.

New patient information

Here’s what to expect during your first visit:

  • 90 minutes of one-on-one time with your doctor
  • We’ll look at your dental and medical history and any additional diagnostic records, including x-rays
  • Enjoy our gentle dental examination, including a head and neck exam, oral cancer screening, and a full tooth and gum analysis
  • We’ll end by discussing what we’ve found during the exam 

After your first appointment, we’ll invite you back to our office for a complimentary follow-up consultation where we outline our tooth replacement recommendation and custom treatment plan for you.

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