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Advanced Dentistry is a recognized expert in providing high-quality dental implants to seniors in Portland. Our team partners with other surgical specialists in the area to successfully complete even the most complicated dental implant cases. We love working with patients of all ages and health backgrounds — especially those entering their golden years!

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We address common older adult dental health concerns

Your teeth and gums need extra care and attention if you want them to stay healthy in your later years. In fact, by the age of 50, nearly 70% of adults will be missing a tooth. Even just one damaged or lost tooth affects your ability to eat the foods you love and puts you at increased risk of gum disease, resorption, and dental pain. Many things change with age, and it’s not just aches and pains in your joints! The composition of saliva changes, the amount of saliva decreases, gums can recede away from the tooth exposing the roots that causes sensitivity and can result in making teeth more susceptible to decay. All of these things can affect the health of your teeth and the confidence with which you interact with the world.

Drs. Halmos, Manning, and Redmond are recognized experts in helping older adults replace their teeth and restore their smiles. We’re here to help.


Implants or dentures?

Dentures are quite common among older adults. Our office provides modern denture solutions, including all-on-4 implants for seniors. All-on-4 implants are a hybrid of dentures and implants. With this solution, as few as 4 implants are placed in the jawbone and a custom-made denture is securely attached, and unlike dentures, this does not come out at night! This gives you a durable, stable, and non-removable solution for missing teeth.


Learn more about all-on-4 implants.

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Start today with a consult

Our team provides highly personalized service to patients. We always start with a detailed diagnosis of your oral health to determine the best treatment plan specifically for you, based not only on the condition of your mouth, but your preferences and goals you expect to achieve from dental treatment.

Your first appointment will include:

  • 90 minutes of one-on-one time with your doctor
  • Dental and medical history review, and x-rays as needed
  • Oral examination, including a head and neck exam, oral cancer screening, and a tooth and gum analysis
  • Discussion of our initial findings and planning your follow-up appointment

"I can't praise this office enough. The space is beautiful and welcoming and the front desk staff were warm and friendly. I came in for a chip on my front tooth and Dr. Manning was able to squeeze me in last minute to assure I was wedding ready. Her fine attention to detail left me feeling comfortable and at ease, knowing I was in great hands. The fix was perfection - it even fooled my dentist - and I would definitely recommend Dr. Manning to anyone in search of a wonderful, skilled and friendly Prosth. Thank you for making sure my smile looked perfect!"

-Cynthia H.

Frequently Asked Questions


Am I too old for dental implants?

There is no age that is too old for dental implants and, in fact, most people are candidates for this treatment. Implants are just as effective and long-lasting in older age as they are for younger adults. Not to mention replacing missing teeth can change seniors' lives for the better, offering improved physical health and confidence.


When should you not get dental implants?

If you’re currently dealing with other advanced medical concerns — such as diabetes or leukemia — you may not be an ideal candidate for dental implants. These health concerns can slow down the healing process after dental implant surgery. Smoking can also delay healing and contribute to implant complications.


Which implant is better for seniors, zirconia or titanium/acrylic?

One material is not better for everyone — it depends on a variety of factors specific to you. Our dentists will work to completely understand your oral health before making a recommendation.

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