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Dr. David Halmos: Chosen as a Top Portland Dentist 11 Years Running

Spotlight on Dr. David Halmos How are the “Top Dentists” Chosen? In order to be chosen as a ‘Top Dentist’, thousands of dentists and specialists are asked to take into consideration a colleague’s years of experience, continuing education, manner with patients, use of new techniques and technologies, and aesthetic results. Voters are asked to individually…

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Patient Spotlight: Meet Helen

Why I Said ‘Yes’! “I always had a negative experience with dentists.  Three years ago, I went through treatment for breast cancer… After these procedures my teeth were totally and fully destroyed.  I always had to cover my lips and my mouth because I just couldn’t smile and show my teeth freely. I had the…

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Why your teeth may not last as long as you do

Tooth wear can be treated Tooth wear is the term used to describe the progressive loss of a tooth’s surface due to actions other than those which cause tooth decay or dental trauma. Tooth wear increases with age. The amount of tooth wear we see now is considerably greater than in the past due to…

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Why Missing Teeth Matter!

The reality is that missing teeth can cause many oral health problems. Replacing teeth that are missing will save you from more complicated dental treatment in the future.  The detrimental effects of tooth loss aren’t just aesthetics.  Bone loss plays a major role in the health of your mouth.  Even if you can’t see the…

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(Dr. Manning’s obsession)! This floss comes in a round dispenser that rotates. It doesn’t shred, is thicker than many floss brands out there, and doesn’t have a wax coating. It thins and poofs back out when you go through tight contacts-the perfect combination of texture and thickness! Plaque? No problem! This floss removes up to…

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