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Do you have missing teeth?

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Nearly 30% of adults will lose a tooth at some point in their life
  • Lost teeth contribute to serious health problems, from headaches and gum disease to bone loss in the jaw
  • Missing even just one tooth can affect your confidence, your ability to chew and speak normally, and your career

Don’t let missing teeth affect your life. No matter how many teeth you’re missing, there is no time like the present to take control of your health and put your best smile forward.

At Advanced Dentistry, we partner with surgical specialists in the Portland area to ensure our patients receive the best tooth replacement care. Working as an interdisciplinary team, our aesthetically-motivated prosthodontists can replace missing teeth and restore your smile to perfect condition.

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What causes missing teeth?

People lose their teeth for a variety of reasons but typically it’s a combination of... 

  • Severe tooth decay or tooth wear
  • Tooth fracture from biting force
  • Periodontal disease
  • Gum recession
  • Age and genetics

A lost tooth usually occurs due to a dental health issue but it could also be the result of an accident. Mishaps like slips and falls, car collisions, contact sports, and other injuries can knock out teeth.

Did you just knock out your tooth? If it’s still in one piece, pick it up by the crown and rinse it with running water only, do not use soap or chemicals! Gently place it back into the socket and call your dentist right away. You may be able to save your tooth!

The long-term health effects of missing a tooth

Even just one missing tooth can lead to a host of issues for your health and lifestyle:

  • The jaw bone beneath your missing tooth will begin to dissolve, an irreversible process known as resorption.
  • Neighboring teeth may begin to shift and reposition.
  • The rest of your teeth become weaker, often resulting in chips and cracks.
  • You’ll be at increased risk of losing more teeth.
  • It may become difficult to perform proper brushing and flossing, increasing your risk of decay and gum disease.
  • You may have trouble eating and speaking normally and comfortably.

Replacing your teeth and restoring your smile is not merely a cosmetic, indulgent treatment — it’s imperative for your continued health, wellness, and future.

The best tooth replacement options in Portland


A dental implant is the next best thing to a natural tooth. Made from titanium and other biocompatible materials, implants take the place of your missing tooth’s root and are designed to strengthen your jaw bone and restore your smile.

If you’re missing a single tooth, our prosthodontists will craft a custom, tooth-colored crown to complete your implant. When you’re missing multiple teeth, or all your teeth, the All-on-4 dental implants is an excellent solution

Natural Tooth Bridge

A dental bridge may also be a good option for fixing missing teeth. A modern dental bridge looks just like your natural teeth and “bridges” the gap created by a missing tooth or teeth.

Unlike a crown supported by an implant, a dental bridge’s strength and stability comes from neighboring teeth. This creates an even bite force, which makes chewing and eating easy.

Made from high-tech materials, dental bridges are both durable for a long-lasting smile.


There are 3 types of dentures to fit your needs: 

  1. Full dentures replace all your natural teeth. 
  2. Partial dentures attach to several of your remaining teeth. 
  3. Implant overdentures use at least 2 dental implants as attachment points to provide support for your denture prosthetic.

We won’t leave you with gaps in your smile!

Did you just have a tooth extracted? Want a fast, interim tooth replacement while you plan for a permanent solution? We can help. Our team offers aesthetic and functional temporary tooth replacement options to keep you smiling confident until a definitive restoration can be completed.

Replacing missing teeth is easy

Drs. Halmos, Manning, and Redmond are the recognized experts on tooth replacement and restoring your smile. We take a comprehensive approach to your care, working hand-in-hand with oral surgeons to provide a seamless treatment experience.

Additionally, unlike other Portland prosthodontists, we have a highly trained ceramist on hand. Our ceramist specializes in difficult color-matching cases, making him uniquely qualified to create seamless, beautiful replacement teeth.

Taking a personalized approach, we ensure your final restoration complements your facial structure and gives your smile a natural, effortless appearance.

Learn more about what sets us apart and how to become a new patient.


"Calm and relaxed atmosphere, personable staff, this office has everything dialed in to provide a comfortable and professional experience. Dr. Manning’s ability to put you completely at ease is coupled with an expert skill set. The procedure was painless and much shorter than I expected. I will definitely refer my friends to this office."

-Lance T.

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