Why Missing Teeth Matter!

The reality is that missing teeth can cause many oral health problems. Replacing teeth that are missing will save you from more complicated dental treatment in the future.  The detrimental effects of tooth loss aren't just aesthetics.  Bone loss plays a major role in the health of your mouth.  Even if you can't see the empty space where the tooth once was, the bone in your jaw is "aware" of its absence. When a tooth is lost, the area of the jawbone where the tooth is missing no longer receives nutrients or stimulation from the tooth roots, causing the bone to gradually deteriorate with time. Also, remaining teeth may shift and reposition in the mouth, which can negatively impact other teeth and your bite.

If you feel like your face or the bone in your mouth is changing due to missing teeth, call our office to see how Drs. Halmos and Manning may be able to preserve what you have and replace what may be missing.