When is the Perfect Time to Get Veneers

Porcelain dental veneers are an excellent solution for a variety of cosmetic dental issues. Veneers can be custom-made to cover up less-than-perfect teeth and give you the straight, bright, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. They look natural and can last for years. But when is the right time to get veneers? Is there an ideal age? How do you know if you're a good candidate?

Our prosthodontists discuss the perfect time to get veneers and how you can determine if they’re right for you. We’ll explore the factors that affect this decision, like your age, dental history, and current concerns. Keep reading to figure out if now’s the time for you!

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are a versatile treatment used to correct a number of cosmetic concerns. They’re thin, tooth-colored shells made from porcelain that are placed over existing teeth to provide a beautiful and radiant smile.

Who is a good candidate for veneers?

In general, most patients are good candidates for dental veneers. If your teeth and gums are generally healthy and you don’t have an excessive number of fillings on the fronts of your teeth, then veneers are likely an option for you.

People with severe tooth decay, gum disease, significantly worn-down enamel, and certain general health conditions may need to avoid veneers.


Is there an ideal age to get veneers?

There’s no “correct” age to get dental veneers, but they’re generally not an option for young children. While most patients have a full set of permanent teeth by the age of 12-13, our mouths continue to grow and develop until we reach our late teen years. 

That’s why it’s ideal to wait until you’re at least 16-18 years old to get veneers, depending on your development and facial anatomy. This is when we can most effectively predict final results, because your mouth, teeth, and bite are finished developing.

When should you get veneers?

1. When you have crooked or rotated teeth

Crooked or rotated teeth not only impact the look of your smile and may affect your confidence, but they’re also more difficult to clean. Porcelain veneers can correct crooked and rotated teeth to provide a perfectly straight smile without the hassle of braces.

2. When you have stains or discoloration

If you have yellow, brown, or black stains that won’t go away with traditional whitening methods, veneers can be customized to give you white, natural-looking teeth. The color of your veneers is less likely than natural teeth to fade or degrade over time, meaning you’ll save money on costly, ongoing whitening procedures in the future.

3. When your teeth are cracked or chipped

Cracks and chips in your teeth can occur for a number of reasons, from traumatic injury to wear and tear over time. Even if you only have one broken tooth, we can provide you with a veneer that is perfectly shaped and color-matched to fit in with your natural teeth.

4. When you have gaps in your teeth

Porcelain veneers are a great option for patients with noticeable gaps in their teeth. In addition to improving the symmetry of your smile, it also protects your oral and overall health by preventing harmful bacteria from accumulating in the empty space.

5. When you have good oral health

While veneers can help to maintain a healthy smile, they’re primarily a cosmetic treatment and shouldn’t be used to address serious oral health problems. To be eligible for dental veneers, you must have healthy gums and an adequate amount of existing enamel to work with.

6. When you’re prepared to care for veneers

Just like natural teeth, porcelain veneers need ongoing care to keep them healthy and beautiful. Patients who have veneers need to brush and floss on a daily basis and schedule regular professional dental cleanings and exams.

Here are a few other tips to keep your veneers in place and looking their best:

  • Avoid biting into hard candy or other very crunchy foods with your veneers.
  • Don’t use your teeth as tools (for example, to open packages or tear a piece of tape). 
  • Avoid tobacco products to prevent discoloration and gum disease, which can impact your veneers.
  • Drink dark liquids like coffee or red wine only in moderation, to avoid long-term staining.
  • If you grind your teeth at night, be prepared to wear a night guard to prevent wear and tear on the porcelain material.

7. When you want a beautiful smile

If you’re unhappy with your smile, porcelain veneers are a wonderful option. They can correct a wide range of cosmetic concerns and provide long-lasting results that are customized to your exact needs and preferences.

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As prosthodontists, we take a comprehensive approach to your dental health by working from the gums up to give you a strong, beautiful smile. At Advanced Dentistry, we offer porcelain veneers that look, feel, and function like your natural teeth. We’ll evaluate your overall oral health and then work with you to give you custom results that meet your specific smile goals.

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