People Are Talking…

We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to have such a direct impact on someone else's life.  The joy we get from developing relationships with our patients and giving them back their smile is so rewarding.  Moments like these are why we do what we do.

In the words of just a few of the wonderful people we've had the privilege to work with:

“It is a pleasure to be able to write an enthusiastic review and unqualified recommendation for Dr. Halmos, who is without a doubt the best dental practitioner I have ever known and one whom I believe has few equals.  I came to Dr. Halmos with a great deal of anxiety related to my dental care and felt edgy and frightened. Over the course of the fairly extensive dental work that Dr. Halmos has provided for me over the last year, my extreme anxiety has been replaced by a sense of trust and well-being.  I actually look forward to my visits to his office.  I am always happy with the results of his work and of the work of the people who work alongside him. 

His staff are wonderful.  Sydney at the front desk and his dental assistant Chelsea are both organized, effective, personable, enjoyable, and capable, making their own meaningful contributions to patient care.

My experiences with four dentists, an orthodontist, and three other prosthodontists taught me what it was that I was looking for in a dental care provider.  Dr. Halmos exemplifies all of the positive qualities that I had only hoped to find: he is thoughtful, honest, up-front, keenly analytical, refreshingly humble, perfectionistic, resourceful, able to utilize human and gold standard technological resources to optimize his clinical outcomes, kind and positive, determined and persevering in accomplishing the best patient outcomes, aesthetically talented and detailed, inclusive and respectful of me as a patient.  He is generous with his time, never making me feel he is in a hurry, but rather that he has all the time in the world to focus on taking care of me/ his patient, to the best of his (exemplary) abilities.  I enjoy his sense of humor and love his stories.  I think he is a really decent human being, remarkable, outstanding, unique, extraordinary.  

To put a little meat on the bones of the qualities I have detailed above, let me describe how we decided on my treatment plan.  I came to him having had several dentists and prosthodontists recommend, really insist, that the only option I had was to have a full mouth reconstruction. He spent a great deal of time with me, listening to my concerns and hopes, understanding that I really wanted to retain as much of the remaining structural integrity of my teeth as was possible.  He made me a full participant.  He could have discounted me or patronized me or belittled me, but instead, time and again, from the very first day and throughout the time he worked with me, he consistently elicited my input, respecting me, my perspectives and feelings.  He used his ingenuity, resourcefulness, and skills to develop and implement an effective plan that accomplished our goals without reducing the structure of my teeth, but instead added to them. I think he called it an additive instead of subtractive process (with minimal impact, without doing a full mouth reconstruction).  My bite is now great.  My teeth are now well shaped, intact, reinforced, and stronger.  My smile looks natural and is more beautiful than it has ever been.  I am a happy camper.

I love Dr. Halmos (and his staff) and will always be grateful to him for giving me back my smile.  He has made a huge and positive difference in my life”.  

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I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Manning for over a year as I went through the process of assessing, placing, honing, and "installing" implants on my two front teeth. The whole staff were warm and friendly, and took time to listen to my concerns and address them fully. Dr. Manning is professional, knowledgeable, and clearly extremely competent in her craft, yet without any of the arrogance or dismissiveness that often comes with such qualifications. I have had some pretty terrible experiences with dentists in the past, and Dr. Manning helped me feel much more comfortable. By the end I actually looked forward to my appointments and getting to see her and the rest of the staff! Furthermore, she and Ken Wu, the stellar crown fabricator she works with, exhibited patience, artistry, and attention to detail that has resulted in my smile looking completely natural again, 17 years after the initial injury that broke my teeth. I am so grateful to Dr. Manning and her associates, and would heartily recommend them to anyone.


"I had the opportunity to see Dr Halmos for my number nine front tooth for an implant. He is incredibly gentle amazing bedside manners Absolutely is brilliant and knows what he’s doing. He is with you from start to finish through thick and thin. His staff is remarkable I highly recommend him and his team to take care of any dental implant needs that you might have. Great job Dr Halmos and your team."

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"First off I'd like to say Dr. Manning is an AMAZING! Doctor and person. Not only did she change my life by correcting many prior procedures I had done with new technology. She listened to me to determine what were the causes along with many steps towards figuring out our best plan of action to take. I owe her and her dental staff a great deal of gratitude and appreciation. I would so tell anyone that requires dental help to have her evaluate them first and not shop around. This lady is highly gifted and extremely educated in her craft. Along with an old fashioned doctors bed side manner in caring."