Dr. Halmos' Testimonials

At Advanced Dentistry, Drs. Halmos and Manning take great pride in providing every patient with an exceptional smile. If you're wondering about the difference our Portland prosthodontists can make to the health and appearance of your smile, we invite you to read for yourself what our current patients have to say about their experiences at Advanced Dentistry.

"Dr. Halmos, who is without a doubt the best dental practitioner I have ever known and one whom I believe to have few equals."

"It is a pleasure to be able to write an enthusiastic review and unqualified recommendation for Dr. Halmos, who is without a doubt the best dental practitioner I have ever known and one whom I believe to have few equals. I came to Dr. Halmos with a great deal of anxiety related to my dental care and felt edgy and frightened. Over the course of the fairly extensive dental work that Dr. Halmos has provided for me over the last year, my extreme anxiety has been replaced by a sense of trust and well-being. I actually look forward to my visits to his office. I am always happy with the results of his work and of the work of the people who work alongside him.

His staff are wonderful. Sydney at the front desk and his dental assistant Chelsea are both organized, effective, personable, enjoyable, and capable, making their own meaningful contributions to patient care.

I found Dr. Halmos to be consistently thoughtful, honest, up-front, keenly analytical, refreshingly humble, perfectionistic, resourceful, able to utilize human and state of the art technological resources to optimize his clinical outcomes, kind and positive, determined and persevering in accomplishing the best patient outcomes, aesthetically talented and detailed, inclusive and respectful of me as a patient. He is generous with his time, never making me feel he is in a hurry, but rather that he has all the time in the world to focus on taking care of me/ his patient, to the best of his (exemplary) abilities. I enjoy his sense of humor and love his stories. I think he is remarkable, outstanding, unique, extraordinary.

To put a little meat on the bones of the qualities I have detailed above, let me describe how we decided on my treatment plan. I came to him having had several dentists and prosthodontists recommend, really insist, that the only option I had was to have a full mouth reconstruction. He spent a great deal of time with me, listening to my concerns and hopes, understanding that I really wanted to retain as much of the remaining structural integrity of my teeth as was possible. He made me a full participant. From the very first day and throughout the time he worked with me, he consistently elicited my input, respecting me, my perspectives and feelings. He used his ingenuity, resourcefulness, and skills to develop and implement an effective plan that accomplished our goals without reducing the structure of my teeth, but instead adding to them. I think he called it an additive instead of subtractive process (with minimal impact, without doing a full mouth reconstruction). My bite is now great. My teeth are now well shaped, intact, reinforced, and stronger. My smile looks natural and is more beautiful than it has ever been. I am a happy camper.

I love Dr. Halmos (and his staff) and will always be grateful to him for giving me back my smile. He has made a huge and positive difference in my life."


"The Best dental practice in the area"

"The Best dental practice in the area—exemplary people, advanced technology, true customer service, gentle hands, patience, flexibility, and deep listening + understanding of my needs—all resulted in the best smile and comfort I ever had—Thank you!"


"I cannot say enough great things about my experience here!"

"After 10 years of dental treatment I am more than happy to say Dr. Halmos made the end of my experience100% worth it! He not only knew exactly what he was doing, but made sure each and ever little detail for my implants were absolutely perfect and I could not be more happy with how they turned out! Every single one of the staff members were always so friendly and made my visits feel very welcoming! I would highly recommend this practice!"


"Absolutely is brilliant and knows what he’s doing"

"I had the opportunity to see Dr Halmos for my number nine front tooth for an implant. He is incredibly gentle amazing bedside manners Absolutely is brilliant and knows what he’s doing. He is with you from start to finish through thick and thin. His staff is remarkable I highly recommend him and his team to take care of any dental implant needs that you might have. Great job Dr Halmos and your team."


"As a general dentist myself, I learned of Dr. Halmos’ skills and knowledge through the patients l referred to him and the fine outcomes of their cases."

"As a general dentist myself, I learned of Dr. Halmos’ skills and knowledge through the patients l referred to him and the fine outcomes of their cases. So when it came time for my own complex prosthodontic treatment, it was unquestionably going to be Dr. Halmos that provided it. And as usual, he provided the highest level of treatment and service. He is gifted in his technical skills and has a chairside manner that is friendly, upbeat and respectful towards the patient. I know of no other dentist for whom l have more respect than Dr. Halmos. And l thank him for the wonderful outcome of my own case."


"I can't thank Dr. Halmos and his incredible team enough for giving me back a fully functional mouth and a smile that I'm now proud to show off."

"I've been doing piece meal dental work for years fixing things as they broke down (implants, crowns, extractions, etc, etc) and was urged by my wonderful family dentist, Dr. Sarah Pitman, to see Dr Halmos so that together he and I could determine how best to move forward with a more comprehensive plan instead of my 'fix as you go' approach. I'm so glad that I finally made that first appointment with Dr. Halmos and that we decided to go with a full mouth rehab. My first reaction after the completion of the process and seeing the final results was, why didn't I do this years ago when Dr. Pitman first encouraged me to make that appointment! Thank you Dr. Halmos and everyone at Advanced Dentistry - you are all the best!"


"Dr. Halmos was sharp, witty and extremely knowledgeable."

"I met Dr. Halmos for a second opinion on an implant crown done by another prosthodontist. Dr. Halmos was sharp, witty and extremely knowledgeable. He recognized the situation I am dealing with and provided helpful feedback in a very short amount of time we had. I have seen many dentists in various countries and I found Dr. Halmos an outstanding dentist and a master at his craft."


"His office was spotless and his staff were sweet."

"Dr. Halmos was my dentist when I was doing my dental residency in Portland. His office was spotless and his staff were sweet. He is ethical and has excellent clinical skills. I needed cosmetic restorations done and he did an amazing job!!!

Highly recommend Dr. Halmos!!"


"Dr. Halmos and his team were compassionate, gentle and extremely capable."

"You don’t realize the trauma losing a front tooth will be until it happens to you. Dr. Halmos and his team were compassionate, gentle and extremely capable. The implant looks and feels amazing. The new tooth looked so natural, I spent a bit more and had him add a veneer to the adjacent tooth, to finish my smile and make it better than it’s ever been.

I couldn’t be more happy with my experience. (It was well worth the 5 hour drive each way to finish the work with Dr. Halmos after moving out of the area). My referring dentist told me he was sending me to the best. He was right about that!

Thank you Dr. Halmos!"

-Victoria S.

“People keep telling me they can’t tell which tooth was replaced”

"Dr. Halmos placed an implant on one of my front teeth and I am extremely pleased with the end result! People keep telling me they can’t tell which tooth was replaced, which is exactly what you want to hear.

I would also like to add that my entire experience with Dr. Halmos and his staff was probably my best experience with any health service provider. I would highly recommend Dr. Halmos to anyone!"

-Tom V.

“This has been a great experience”

This has been a great experience with Dr. Halmos and his staff . I had a major teeth issues that needed attention and I kept delaying it for years . I finally decided to get it done , so I looked around carefully for the best Doctor in town . I did some research and after meeting with Dr. Halmos , I decided to get it done at his office . Now after 6 month , The job is done and I’m very pleased with the results .

He is young with lots of experience and he uses the newest technology available . He also pays attention to details and doesn’t take any short cuts . He is also available when you need him , even though he is a very busy man .

I had some pain after the surgery and I emailed him on new years eve , since his office was closed , He responded immediately and ordered a medication for me on new years eve .

I will recommend him to my friends and family .

Thank you Dr. Halmos for great experience and great results .

-Mazen S (3/9/16)

“Thank you for your beautiful work”

"Thank you for your beautiful work to ‘fix me up” with a smile to boost my self-confidence. The positioning of the implants and the crowns are so comfortable in my mouth! What a bonus."


-Shannon C.


“It’s not an easy thing to turn your mouth over to someone”

Dear Dr. Halmos –

I hardly know what to say because “thank you” feels so inadequate. I’m still in a fog of extreme gratitude for all that you and your team have done to restore my teeth and bite to near perfection. I’m so pleased and appreciative!

Dr. Ainslie and his staff all came by to see your magnificent art work as they were fitting my retainers. They all loved your work too; and Dr. Ainslie was just blown away. I wish you could’ve seen his face when I smiled!

The entire process was seamless and I hope you know how much your personal care and attitude and kindness all contributed towards an outcome close to perfection. It’s not an easy thing to turn your mouth over to someone and then to develop such trust along the way. You are a magnificent doctor and practitioner and just an all-the-way-around nice gentleman.

It has been such a pleasure being your patient and friend.

I will see you in October to take photos and discuss the mouthguard. Thank you for all you’ve done for me and for being such a great man. I’m lucky to know you


-Shawne. (9/26/15)


“My wife loves the results and so do I”

My wife loves the results and so do I. Dr. Halmos and staff have been an absolute pleasure to work with through this reconstruction project. He is clearly a master craftsman and an excellent communicator through the entire process. I especially appreciated how well he coordinated my case with another doctor. As one who has met and worked with hundreds of physicians and surgeons over my 30+ years in healthcare, I would enthusiastically recommend Dr. Halmos to my closest family members and friends, should they ever need prosthodontic work. I would be happy to speak with anyone who wants to talk with a patient who has been through full mouth reconstruction. It was well worth the time, effort, and cost! Thanks to Dr. Halmos, again, for making such a big difference in my smile and life. ”

~J. Lee

“I am in love with how they turned out…. It was a seamless process”

Doctor Halmos and his ENTIRE team were amazing to work with from start to finish. I took a chance and transferred over to him from a previously poor experience with another doctor in Portland, and it was the best decision I have made throughout my whole process with getting dental implants and veneers. I am 25, extremely meticulous about how my teeth look, feel, and hold up against my busy lifestyle, and I am in love with how they turned out. Doctor Halmos has connections with all of the best companies/people that were needed along the way, from private manufacturer’s that make the screw parts, to veneer makers. It was a seamless process that I know Doctor Halmos bent over backwards to complete for me, but I didn’t feel any of the stress whatsoever. I cannot thank them enough!

About Hygienist:

I was always talked to and treated with care, respect, and as a “friend”, rather than a “patient”. Doctor Halmos’ whole team helped me schedule appointments when I moved out of state, took care of me while I was there, and I always felt comfortable and at ease when I was in the office.

~Anonymous (3/30/12)

“My teeth look beautiful now”

"I have had a very uncomfortable bite and ugly teeth since my early 20’s. Not only do my teeth look beautiful now but my bite is so improved. Dr. Halmos is maticulus and very personable. I was referred to him by my HOM Kaiser because I had a complicated mouth. I had three implants put in the bottom gums to hold on the denture that Dr. Halmos made. I had changed insurance from Willamette Dental to Kaiser and Dr. Halmos finished up that part of my mouth. Then, I lost a bridge on top left and that’s when he did the better bite and crowned two implants replacing and ,making my teeth independent of one another in the front. They had previously been one piece to support one another. I could not floss and if one went – they all went. He made me a new woman and I love my mouth finally after 40 years of dental ups and downs."

~Anonymous (10/11/11)

“I would recommend Dr. Halmos without reservation.”

"Dr. Halmos put veneers on both my upper and lower teeth. He was extremely professional and diligent in his work. I thought the outcome was great and while the procedure was expensive, relative to other Prosthodontists I consulted with his pricing was very reasonable. I would recommend Dr. Halmos without reservation. His office is very pleasant as is his staff."

~Anonymous (10/7/11)

“It was a long process but very worth it.”

Procedure: Anterior implant supported bridge (tooth# 7,8,9, & 10) with implants in tooth #7 and 10. I was referred to Dr. Halmos by my primary care dentist whom I TRUST with all my dental care. He said Dr. Halmos is “sharp” and I completely agree–he does pay attention to detail and that is very important to me specially since work done on me was my four front teeth! So I met with him for consultation. He was very informative and answered all my lenghty questions patiently. He was easy to talk to and had likeable personality. I did see him again for a second time for consultation because at my previous consult, it was decided that I’d be needing bone graft–I was really nervous about this elective procedure. I need more bone for implants to be successfully placed. I felt a lot better after the second consult. I proceeded to undergo bone graft and implants done by the surgeon he works closely with. Finally, my implant supported bridge was constructed by Dr. Halmos. It was a long process but very worth it. The whole time during my treatments, my visits never felt rushed. His office is modern and the front office very friendly and good customer service. They always called me without fail for appointment reminders.

About Hygienist: All in all I would recommend Dr. Halmos and meet with him to get to know him better and see if he’s the best fit. I’m glad my doctor search ended with him. I’m a happy patient.

~C.C. (8/31/11)

“It was a good experience and I highly recommend him.”

"Dr. Halmos did a great job with my dental implant. While he did not do the surgery to install the post, he did design and attach the new tooth onto the post with no pain. The tooth fits wonderfully and I don’t notice any difference from my other teeth. He matched the color to my other teeth very well. It’s an upper molar that I was sorely missing – having this new tooth has been fantastic and enables me to eat more easily. He is very friendly, likes to chat, and his staff is quite professional. It was a good experience and I highly recommend him. By the way, I drove from Salem to the appointments, but it was worth it!"

~Anonymous (1/19/11)

“If I had the opportunity to make the choice again I would do the same thing.”

"Dr Halmos and staff are very professional, yet friendly and very personable. Dr. Halmos did an extensive workup of my case and gave me several options to correct a cross bite and the associated bone loss and periodontal disease. My choices ranged from pulling all teeth and replacing with dentures (least expensive) to some intermediate corrective options to saving as many teeth as possible and correcting my under developed upper jaw which was the root of the problem (most expensive). I chose to save my teeth and correct the root cause of the problems, so spent about 2-1/2 years in the process. This was a major financial decision since I’m retired and have no dental insurance (up front cash discounts were options for all three doctors). My procedure involved overall planning, coordination and installation of temporary and then permenent bridges (2) and crowns (17) by Dr. Halmos, oral surgeries and implants (by Dr Ueeck) and orthodontics (by Dr. Baker). If I had the opportunity to make the choice again I would do the same thing. Keeping my teeth was a major (vain?) factor in making my decision and I would choose these 3 very professional Doctor’s to plan, manage and carry out my case with Dr. Halmos in the lead role."

~Anonymous (8/24/10)

“The head of Maxillofacial Oral Surgery at OHSU said that Dr Halmos was the ONLY Prosthodontist in Portland capable of restoring and recreating my dentures, bite, speech, and mastication process to my original pre-surgery state.”

"Dr Halmos and staff are extraordinary-extremely qualified, professional, personable, caring, real people. My case was extremely complicated – a squamous carcinoma surgery with loss and replacement of lower left jawbone, partial tongue, and surrounding tissue. The head of maxilofacial oral surgery (and the previous head who was/is my current Prosthodonist) at OHSU said that Dr Halmos was the ONLY Prosthodontist in Portland capable of restoring and recreating my dentures, bite, speech, and mastication process to my original pre-surgery state. They were correct, AND Dr Halmos not only did that, but his restoration far,far exceeded my pre-surgery state! My dentures and the restoration he performed feel like MY OWN teeth! My family was amazed at the results, both my mastication and speech improvement AND my physical appearance which took MANY years off my 87 year age. I cannot thank Dr Halmos and his staff enough; he truly is “the best” in Portland – a true treasure to both our dental and medical community, not to mention his patients. And Gail and Tanya in Dr Halmos’ office are cut from the same cloth as he is. I highly recommend Dr Halmos to anyone seeking excellent complicated Prosthodontic work in Portland. I’m proof of that excellence!"


“Dr. Halmos is fantastic!”

"Dr. Halmos is fantastic! He is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. His resume is hands-down incredible… Harvard and UCSF. What more could you ask for, in addition to him being super nice?"


“Excellent experience”

Excellent experience as others have stated. Professional and personable. Knowledgeable and caring. Would recommend to anyone.

~Anonymous (12/23/08)

“A very relaxing and refreshing atmosphere.”

Staff is very friendly and outgoing. A very relaxing and refreshing atmosphere.

Dr. Halmos is friendly and outgoing, as well as, very knowledgeable. He articulates everything in a way that is very friendly and humorous, all the while keeping his professionalism. All pertinent information is presented to allow for an informed decision, nothing is left out.

~Anonymous (9/25/08)

“Best chair side manner I have encountered.”

I highly recommend Dr. Halmos and his excellent staff for anyone interested in receiving high quality dental care in a relaxing environment. Dr. Halmos has a wonderful personality and never rushes through an exam or procedure. He makes sure I understand what is going on and what next steps will be. The staff is very professional and I appreciate the attentive service they give my family, from billing my insurance to following up after appointments, the staff help create an easy and stress free dental experience. Best chair side manner I have encountered. Has an outstanding office staff. Everything is transparent-cost, expected outcome, etc, Considers the entire patient.

~Anonymous (9/25/08)

“Would recommend to anyone (and have).”

Great service, great outcome. Very prompt and attentive. Outcome was gorgeous and cost was reasonable. These procedures are expensive, but they last for decades. Would recommend to anyone (and have).
About Hygienist: Really outstanding, gentle– I am a weiner.

~Anonymous (9/24/08)