Bar Retained Overdenture

Bar Retained Overdenture to Replace Missing Teeth

A bar retained overdenture is used for patients who require the replacement of all teeth in the upper or lower arch.   Dental implants are placed in the bone and are connected to a bar that supports the overdenture.  While the overdenture is a removable appliance, the bar remains fixed to the dental implants.

While the implants provide excellent support for the prosthesis, they also help to prevent the surrounding bone from shrinking due to the lack of tooth root structure.

This can be a significant benefit for patients who may struggle with the lack of stability that can come from traditional dentures.

A Bar Overdenture is only one of many options for the replacement of missing teeth.  If you would like more information about what options might be best for you, give our office a call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Halmos or Dr. Manning.