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All-On-4 Choices

Acrylic Wrapped

The All-On-4 system refers to 4 dental implants placed in the jaw to support a full arch of teeth.  If you are a candidate for this type of procedure, this will allow you the freedom and convenience of having teeth that are fixed in place rather than removable.  With the All-On-4 solution, many patients may be able to have the long-lasting, beautiful smile you desire.

When considering this treatment option, there are two types of tooth materials that can be used when fabricating these appliances:


There is no one material that is best for all patients. Rather, it is important for your dental care provider to completely understand your oral health before making a recommendation.

When choosing which All-on-4 product is best for you, the skill and experience of the dentist matters. For example, if a highly skilled dentist installs titanium wrapped in acrylic, it is possible that they will look fantastic compared to a lesser skilled dentist.  It is always important to turn to a provider you can trust to provide the very best quality.

Durability and the way the implants look is important. However, the decision between any product is one that must come down to the personal needs of the patient. It’s a complex process that the right dental care provider will not rush.

In some cases, Zirconia in the upper arch and acrylic in the lower arch will deliver the best aesthetics and the highest durability reducing the time spent on maintenance and repairs.


Things that Drs. Halmos and Manning will consider when making their recommendations are:

  • How Your Teeth Come Together – What are the teeth opposing the dental implants like? Are they dentures, acrylic hybrids, natural teeth, or zirconia? It’s important to choose products that complement each other, not just in looks but also in function.
  • Teeth Grinding – For those who grind their teeth, some materials, such as acrylic, are simply not going to work well. They become damaged too quickly, limiting their effectiveness.
  • Finances– There is no doubt some products are more expensive, especially zirconia. Acrylic is more affordable and can work well in the hands of the right dentist but will be more prone to breakage.
  • Your Age – Zirconia lasts longer, which means that if you are younger, buying these could mean the dental implants do not need to be replaced as soon.
  • Your Oral Health – Your dentist also needs to consider whether or not the implants are being placed into regenerated bone as well as the spread of your implants.
  • Reason for Tooth Loss – If you have oral health concerns, such as cavities and gum disease that brought you to this point, they must be taken into consideration.


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